Upcoming Residency at Playa

As the rain comes in I am looking forward to going to Playa Artist Residency in Summer Lake Oregon. I was fortunate enough to go there for the month of September back in 2011 and have been yearning to go back ever since. While I know it will be cold in February in the high desert, I look forward to seeing how the light and landscape have changed through time - both seasonal time and yearly time. One difference will be the lake bed itself. In the fall it is a mostly dry expose of caked mud. I wonder how much water there will be this time. While there, I will re-take photographs I took 7 years ago and play with the juxtaposing of the results. I just had a new idea for approaching my cycles of time work and will hope to play with that, I am also looking forward to having an etching press at my disposal.

This is one of my favorite photos from my first residency at Playa

Summerlake small.jpg