Focus 2018

I'm so not good at publicity I forgot to post this until today, the day the show comes down!! 5 of my cyanotypes from Joshua Tree in Blue were included in a show at the b.j.spoke gallery in Huntington, NY. The work was selected by Kelly Sidley, Curatorial Assistant in Photography at MoMa in New York. You can see work by all the photographers included in the show here.



Joshua Tree Vistas and Details, grew from my time as Artist in Residence for Joshua Tree National Park, California, in 2017. In my work as a whole I am interested in time and visual expressions of temporality. It is within that spirit that I chose to print these images as cyanotypes for the time-bending mixture of using digital technology to capture an image but to print using a 19th century photographic printing process that pre-dates the invention of a photographic negative. During my stay in Joshua Tree I tried to emulate the grand sweeping vistas of 19th century photography that creates timeless views of nature. The resulting prints harken back to the early days of photography and almost to etchings of the 17th century. Yet, the images are clearly modern in their form, and detail, simply appropriating technique of that earlier time. For me this subtle breaking of the rules of time makes us question how we see and what we remember.