Open Studio

Finally, Libby and I are doing another Open Studio, so come on down on December 1 from 4 to 6 pm. We look forward to seeing you in the studio!

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Interview with Paul Carter of Eugene Scene

Paul Carter, who is both a photo-journalist as well as a journalist came to my studio last week to interview me for the Eugene Scene. We talked, or rather I ran on and on for a few hours all about my paintings and my photographs. Here is a link. (Also, many kudo's to Paul for getting good photos of me as I am not photogenic!)


In Sarah Grew’s imagination, time is an elastic concept. It flows into the future, but it just as easily hurtles backward far into the past. And then it folds back on itself to unexpected points in between.

Fortunately, the artist has many tools at her fingertips, because she is both a painter and a photographer who reimagines the two mediums in mind-bending ways....(see rest)


Focus 2018

I'm so not good at publicity I forgot to post this until today, the day the show comes down!! 5 of my cyanotypes from Joshua Tree in Blue were included in a show at the b.j.spoke gallery in Huntington, NY. The work was selected by Kelly Sidley, Curatorial Assistant in Photography at MoMa in New York. You can see work by all the photographers included in the show here.



Joshua Tree Vistas and Details, grew from my time as Artist in Residence for Joshua Tree National Park, California, in 2017. In my work as a whole I am interested in time and visual expressions of temporality. It is within that spirit that I chose to print these images as cyanotypes for the time-bending mixture of using digital technology to capture an image but to print using a 19th century photographic printing process that pre-dates the invention of a photographic negative. During my stay in Joshua Tree I tried to emulate the grand sweeping vistas of 19th century photography that creates timeless views of nature. The resulting prints harken back to the early days of photography and almost to etchings of the 17th century. Yet, the images are clearly modern in their form, and detail, simply appropriating technique of that earlier time. For me this subtle breaking of the rules of time makes us question how we see and what we remember.


Upcoming Residency at Playa

As the rain comes in I am looking forward to going to Playa Artist Residency in Summer Lake Oregon. I was fortunate enough to go there for the month of September back in 2011 and have been yearning to go back ever since. While I know it will be cold in February in the high desert, I look forward to seeing how the light and landscape have changed through time - both seasonal time and yearly time. One difference will be the lake bed itself. In the fall it is a mostly dry expose of caked mud. I wonder how much water there will be this time. While there, I will re-take photographs I took 7 years ago and play with the juxtaposing of the results. I just had a new idea for approaching my cycles of time work and will hope to play with that, I am also looking forward to having an etching press at my disposal.

This is one of my favorite photos from my first residency at Playa

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Photography as Drawing at O'Brien Gallery


Come join me for the opening reception of Photography as Drawing, my show at O'Brien Photo Gallery in Eugene. For me photography is a facet of my drawing practice. I often take photographs not for the content but for the composition, the line and form. This show will present a range of images, half in black and white, and half with color. 

O'Brien Photo Gallery - 2833 Willamette Ave, Suite B

Reception Saturday November 18th, 3-6pm



Exhibition Catalog online

Earlier this year my work was included in Views From Oregon: Sixteen Artists. The show was a celebration of the collaboration between the Ucross Foundation and the Ford Family Foundation which helps foster opportunities for many Oregon artists and led to an exhibition catalog being produced. I just discovered that the catalog of the artists who have received fellowships from the Ford Family Foundation for residencies at either Ucross Foundation or Djerassi Resident Artist Program can be seen online here. Somehow the photo of me in the catalog is from my time at Djerassi although my statement and art images are from my time at Ucross. Both were amazing opportunities to work and connect with other artists.


Announcing my Solo Show at Lane Community College


I am so often asked where one can see my work in Eugene. Well, I've solved that for the moment and am having two solo shows this fall. The first, and larger, is at Lane Community College Art Gallery. The show opens on October 30th with a reception and artist talk on November 8th from 3-5pm. This show will focus on my paintings, show casing a number of my Erased Landscape works as well as the Interruptions and works on steel as I explore how to make a static painting into a non-static medium. This is the first time these steel paintings will be out of the studio so it is very exciting.

Come join me!


Open Studio on May 20th

Please join me on May 20th for an Open Studio with Libby Wadsworth.

I will be exhibiting some of the cyanotypes I did while the Artist in Residence for Joshua Tree National Park. The palimpsestic paintings that started as Cyanotypes and Van Dyke Brown Types I did while in residence at the Djerassi Resident Artist Program and in the hall I will have some photographs I took while at my Italian residency at the Collegium Phaenomenologicum last summer. 


Joshua Tree National Park


I am very excited to be an Artist in Residence for Joshua Tree National Park. The park chooses 6 artists/writers/performers each year and invites them to stay in a cabin within the park for 3 weeks. The park service describes the cabin as "a rustic, self-sufficient, and off-the-grid living space.  It has an indoor studio area, offers panoramic views of the park. Artists may also utilize the outdoor patio work space, as well as the park itself, for the execution of projects." I will be in Joshua tree from March 15 to April 5th. 

Stay tuned!

 The residency cabin aka The Lost Horse Ranger Station. This is my front porch!

The residency cabin aka The Lost Horse Ranger Station. This is my front porch!


Exhibition opens at Ucross Gallery

As part of their continuing partnership with The Ford Family Foundation the Ucross Foundation Art Gallery is presenting an exhibition called Views From Oregon:16 Artists. The exhibition features the 16 Oregon artists who have been awarded Ford Family Foundation Fellowships to support their residencies at Ucross Foundation Artist in Residence. I was the first of the 16 to arrive close to 4 years ago. My residency time grew my work in so many ways, I feel very thankful for the opportunity to have been there and am thrilled to have my work in the gallery.

The show opens February 6 and is up until May 12th with an opening on April 22. 


Djerassi Resident Artist Program

I am thrilled to announce that I will be at the Djerassi Resident Artist Program from October 19th to November 16th. This has been a dream of mine for a long time. So so excited.


Update on this post! I thought I would be able to post lots of photos from Djerassi but we have pretty limited internet so I'll try to do it after I get home. I'm loving every minute though. All the other artists/writers/musicians/choreographer/dancers and amazing people I feel lucky to have met! Big kudos to the folks selecting and arranging dates for all of us, they managed to put together a group that enjoys each other so much. Delighted.


Cittá Di Castello Artist In Residence

I'm really pleased to announce that this summer I will have the honor of being an Artist in Residence at the Collegeum Phaenomenologium in Cittá di Castello, Italy. The Collegeum is an international gathering of continental philosophy that takes place in Italy every summer for three weeks. This year the theme is  “Embodying Temporalities: Deep Time, Genealogy, Exile.” In addition to studio work and taking part in the evening discussions, I will mount an exhibition of my work and will be meeting with people at the Alberto Burri Foundation and Museum in hopes of developing a lasting relationship between the conference and the foundation. I am thrilled that my work with temporality and the horizontal line will be viewed by so many scholars and know that I will return enriched.