Interview with Paul Carter of Eugene Scene

Paul Carter, who is both a photo-journalist as well as a journalist came to my studio last week to interview me for the Eugene Scene. We talked, or rather I ran on and on for a few hours all about my paintings and my photographs. Here is a link. (Also, many kudo's to Paul for getting good photos of me as I am not photogenic!)


In Sarah Grew’s imagination, time is an elastic concept. It flows into the future, but it just as easily hurtles backward far into the past. And then it folds back on itself to unexpected points in between.

Fortunately, the artist has many tools at her fingertips, because she is both a painter and a photographer who reimagines the two mediums in mind-bending ways....(see rest)


Announcing my Solo Show at Lane Community College


I am so often asked where one can see my work in Eugene. Well, I've solved that for the moment and am having two solo shows this fall. The first, and larger, is at Lane Community College Art Gallery. The show opens on October 30th with a reception and artist talk on November 8th from 3-5pm. This show will focus on my paintings, show casing a number of my Erased Landscape works as well as the Interruptions and works on steel as I explore how to make a static painting into a non-static medium. This is the first time these steel paintings will be out of the studio so it is very exciting.

Come join me!